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Jeremy for County Council District 1

Striving to make a difference in Anne Arundel County
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Making a Difference in the Anne Arundel County Community

About Jeremy

As an individual born and raised in Glen Burnie and a business owner in the area, I take great pride in the Anne Arundel County community.

It’s a pride that was instilled in me throughout my childhood during my attendance at North County High School (Class of 2000) and Brooklyn Park Lindale. It’s a pride I’ve also instilled in my children – to be proud of our community and where we come from. The desire to restore that pride all throughout North County is what has led me to run for the Anne Arundel County Council in District 1.

I’m tired of seeing vacant storefronts, boarded houses, and empty parks. Moreover, I’m tired of our children having to be afraid to play outside because of the crime that has been bleeding into our community from Baltimore City. With my experience helping communities over the last 15 years, I’m ready to apply the skills I’ve learned to help District 1 and restore the pride in North County.


Restoring Our Pride

District 1 often feels like a forgotten area of Anne Arundel County. Though we are taxed the same, we watch expensive new schools be built up in Severna Park and Crofton with our tax money. If elected to the County Council, I will fight to get our fair share of the pot to fix our roads, alleys, schools, and our community centers. I will not let them forget us. 

We’ve also watched over the last few years as the government has closed our businesses and told us they are not essential. For every business owner, whatever they do, that business is essential to them and their family. I know that firsthand. I will stand against this government overreach in our businesses and in the classroom. As a parent, I strongly believe that you should decide how to raise your children and have a voice in what they are learning in school.

  • Restore the pride in our community with updated schools, cleaned up alleys, and fixed potholes.
  • Restore the voice of the citizens – I will work to reflect your wishes for our community.
  • Give you the freedom to work, and support parents in choosing how their kids should be educated.

Lower Crime Rates and Support AACOPD

Law enforcement have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and being right next to Baltimore City only makes that job tougher. We can’t expect the police to put their lives on the line for us if we won’t have their back. I will have their back and work to empower them with tools and support to do their job as effectively as possible.

  • Ensure police have access to the best training and equipment.
  • Offer police access to the support they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Assess the current Light Rail stops to address problem areas in Linthicum and Ferndale that are negatively impacting our neighborhoods.

Cut Red Tape

I have seen firsthand that departments in our County Government communicate on a minimal basis, and it has slowed the development of key amenities within our community. With a greater emphasis on teamwork and accountability, our County can:

  • Protect our natural environment by revitalizing areas that already have development instead of clearcutting our land.
  • Address stormwater drainage issues.
  • Implement smart urban planning for sustainable growth.

Growth will come to our County one way or another. Let’s manage it to protect your quality of life and not take away from the things that make us love our community.

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As I embark on my campaign for Anne Arundel County Council, I want to make sure your voice is heard. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, ideas, concerns, or for volunteer information:
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